The American Economy

The major industry in the USA us agriculture. And the country is an exporter of fruits and vegetables to other countries. And they have the latest technology today that makes the crops of USA have a good quality and also for export quality. The major crops of USA is Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, Cotton, Hay, Tobacco, Rice and Barley. And another industry that helps the US economy is energy, Oil and gas production in the US increased when they found out about new technology. And the USA surpassed the Middle East and Russia as the world's biggest oil producer. And another one is manufacturing there are a lot of items that is made in the USA that is exported to several countries. And another industry is Transportation, a lot of trucking companies are there im the USA. And lastly is their healthcare. They have the best healthcare and the healthcare has a positive growth in the past few years. And many ivestors, invest in Amarica because of their economy and they have no doubt about it. America's economy is really the largest in the world.